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A lesson on geometry
343 KB SWF
A wise old monkey
870 KB SWF
All glories to balam rice and cow ghee
555 KB SWF
BB and MA
546 KB SWF
Bhagavan becomes a ghost under intrigue
803 KB SWF
Crossing the river when it is dry
660 KB SWF
Cutting own nose to spoil journey of another
376 KB SWF
Fallacy of Custom
285 KB SWF
Flying popcorn and Govindaya Namah
436 KB SWF
Gold silver and iron shackles
708 KB SWF
Half rupee coin of the frog
597 KB SWF
Honey anf the foolish bumblebee
416 KB SWF
I am not stealing bananas
553 KB SWF
Lalu and kalu
762 KB SWF
The falacy of blindly following
416 KB SWF
The half young and half old fallacy
358 KB SWF
The idiot gardener and stupid pandit
399 KB SWF
The knife of the physician
429 KB SWF
There runs a thief
1.13 MB SWF
Thesis of Dr frog
846 KB SWF
Yes no and very good
522 KB SWF
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